Saturday, 29 December 2012

At Last ...

At the beginning of December, my very special friend Harry and his brofurs, Dexter and Tipp, at Cherry City Kitties gave me a beautiful gold star - yes, one star for the Blog of the Year Award.

I am so delighted and now Mummy finally has time to help me to accept the (thoroughly undeserved, but very much appreciated) Award and to display it on my blog.

Thank you dear Harry - sorry not to have been able to post this sooner.

So, at last, I can give a star back to Cherry City Kitties and also pass one to each of the following friends - if you already have a star, please add another ...

Fui, Suey and Lishy, with a special welcome for dear little Beatrix, at Forever Foster;

Hannah and Lucy at Hannah and Lucy;

All the kitties at Katnip Lounge;

All the kitties and the woofie at Cory Cat Blog;

Texas at Texas, a Cat in New York.

I am thinking of all of you, especially my Harry, and hoping that you continue to enjoy the holiday season.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thankful Thursday

A big thank you for all your good wishes.

Mummy and I had a lovely time on Christmas Day - lots of hugs and cuddles and plenty of treats; I helped to unwrap our presents - we did not need scissors because my claws are good paper cutters - and then I had fun with the paper and boxes!

Best of all, I had four (yes, four!) of my favourite foods during the day:  there was ham and cheese in my bowl in the morning and then some turkey appeared ... and soon disappeared! In the evening, I found a saucer of prawns waiting in one of my special places. Wasn't I spoilt?

Today, my thoughts are with all the kitties, woofies and other animals who are not so fortunate, especially those who are outside and possibly suffering in the dreadful floods which are affecting the UK.

I am so thankful to have found such a special forever home and hope that many of them will be as lucky as I have been.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

. Happy Christmas .

A very Happy Christmas to everyone - may your day be filled with treats and your wishes come true.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rather a Setback

Hello everyone, Rainbow reporting!

Yes, I have had a problem and I have to admit that, as Mummy has pointed out, it is partly my own fault that it has gone on for so long.

A few days after my last post, Mummy went out for a long leisurely lunch with some friends ... and returned to find me with my left flank covered in blood. She made two quick telephone calls and then I was placed gently into my PTU (I was very good and did not try to escape!) for a visit to the dreaded V-E-T.

It was not clear what the problem was so the V-E-T shaved a large patch. The skin was very inflamed where I had chewed until I drew blood but for no obvious reason so, after antibiotic and anti-inflammatory jabs, I returned home with a bald patch, some pills and one of those horrid stiff collars.

I was making steady progress and feeling much better - the bald area was still irritating but nothing that a good chew would not sort out ... Yes, you've guessed ... I decided to remove my collar ...I went to show Mummy how clever I had been, but for some reason she was NOT impressed! My other two attempts to "self-medicate" were rather more discreet but, of course, all this slowed down my recovery.

Finally, the wounds have healed; the V-E-T is pleased (so is Mummy!). Best of all, the patch is not so bald!!

 A few days ago, I received this card.

I think it was a gentle reminder that I have been neglecting my blog!

It is good to be back - I have missed you all, especially my very special friend, Harry.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

Purrs ... Rainbow.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hooray! Back at last!

Yes, it really is Rainbow here!

Sorry, it has been so long - once or twice, I wondered whether I would ever talk to all my furiends again - but now I have very good news to report ...

Mummy is better; she says that my nursing and all your special purrs have done the trick; both of us would like to say a big thank you for all the messages, purrs, hugs, etc.

This week, Mummy has been playing with the flashy picture-box; she says she is determined to show everyone some special photos of me but, so far,  I have not been very cooperative ... Well, would you like it if your very best hidey hole was invaded? She said I was looking so adorable that she could not resist!

Last Tuesday, a nice young man (so Mummy tells me - I kept out of sight) came to upgrade our internet service, so my paws are crossed for easier and more frequent blogging from now onwards.

Happy Caturday!

Purrs ... Rainbow

Monday, 1 October 2012

On the Road to Recovery

Hello everyone! Rainbow here, wishing you all a happy October ...

The good news is that Mummy is on the road to recovery - thank you for all the special purrs; I know they have helped her.

Today she is well enough to help me write this short post and she says that I can catch up with some comments as well!

Another piece of good news ... Our flashy picture-box is back from the camera vet so there might be some photographs soon ...

Now, I must snuggle up with Mummy and make sure she does not get too tired - she says I am a good nurse. Isn't that kind of her?

Purrs ... Rainbow

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Troubles on Thursday

One of Mummy's sayings is

             "It never rains but it pours!"

 and this year she has certainly been correct as far as the weather is concerned.

Now it is true in the way she usually means it!

First, I wasn't well and then, just as we were ready to start posting again, disaster hit our internet connection - still not working - and now Mummy is ill.

My reserve typist is posting this while I am on nursing duty.

I am doing my best to look after Mummy, but I think she could do with some special purrs ...

Hoping to be back soon!

Purrs ... Rainbow

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Smiles and Sobs on Saturday

Hello everyone, I am back!!

Smiles ... because I am myself again, eating well and purring frequently.

A big thank you to all of you who have asked after me and sent messages - I hope to catch up with comments soon - also welcome to all those who are now following this blog - sorry my posts have had to dry up for a while.

Sobs ... because, just as we were ready to begin posting again disaster struck our internet connection - I have sent Mummy to our local Library with strict instructions about what to type, but our time allowance there is very limited and, of course, I cannot snoopervise!!

I am overwhelmed and truly honoured by the beautiful poem which my very special friend Harry from Cherry City Kitties wrote about me - special purrs to you, dear Harry, I have been missing you too.

Happy Caturday to you all - another post will follow shortly, I hope!

Purrs ... Rainbow

Sunday, 19 August 2012

My First Award

I am so thrilled; my friend Harry from Cherry City Kitties has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

The last few days, I have not been feeling quite myself  (Mummy has been rather concerned - she even mentioned the V-E-T at one point), so this is just what I need to cheer me up!!

Thank you so much, Harry.

Seven things about me:

(1) I am called Rainbow because I am pure white and white is composed of all the colours of the spectrum;

(2) Two of my favourite foods are cheese and ham;

(3) I am an indoor cat living in an old house with lots of cosy spots and plenty of hiding places;

(4) I like to attract Mummy's attention with a gentle chirrup and seldom meow loudly;

(5) My ears are odd - one 'cat' ear and one 'bear' ear. The 'bear' ear results from the removal, about a year ago, of a nasty growth.

(6) I am rather shy and prefer a quiet life (which is what Mummy and I enjoy together nearly all the time);

(7) I don't know when I was born so my Official Birthday is my Gotcha Day and I also share Mummy's Birthday (but more about that another time ...).

Now 15 nominations:

Forever Foster  (for Fui, Suey and Lishy - my first blogging friends)

Hannah and Lucy 

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties


Fuzzy Tales

The Chans


Angel and Kirby

Katnip Lounge


Jan's Funny Farm




Sparkle the Designer Cat

all of whom are amongst those who have welcomed me to the Cat Blogosphere.

The rules for accepting this award are

(1) Thank and link back to the sender;

(2) List seven things about you that readers may not know;

(3) Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

Looking forward to learning more about you!!

Purrs ... Rainbow

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

World Cat (Wednes)day

A Happy World Cat Day to you all.

May those who are in need find help and may all of us who are settled in our forever homes remember how fortunate we are.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Gotcha Day - Two Years

Thank you for all the good wishes - it is lovely to meet you all and make so many new friends.
I had a super day full of treats and lots of cuddles and snuggling up with Mummy.

It was two years ago last Friday that I came to my forever home.

My first mission was to explore the house and find some good hiding places!! I gave Mummy one or two frights during the early days but she soon learned that I could usuallly be tempted to come out for food especially if there was a treat as well.

Life was quiet and peaceful (and still is, most of the time), so I settled in quite quickly. Good food (Mummy soon worked out that my favourites are chicken, tuna, cheese, ham, smoked salmon and prawns - no, I don't get them all the time, but I often find something special in my food bowl) ensured that I put on some weight - good marks from the dreaded V-E-T!!

My fur was rather matted when I arrived but Mummy gradually sorted that out and these days I even enjoy being combed - I put both paws on her shoulder and purr the whole time!

I think of all the abandoned kitties and woofies out there and hope that some of them will be as lucky as I have been.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sunny Caturday; Scorcher Sunday; More on Monday

The title refers to last weekend but I am late with this post because Mummy has been hunting; very unusual as she is rather old but it was a special request.

Yes, we have had three days of really hot (for the UK) sunny weather at last!

On Saturday and Sunday, there was a River Festival here - very noisy and crowded but the humans seem to enjoy that - so I curled up in my favourite sunspot until late evening when lots of flashy lights and bangs started coming out of the sky - time for a hasty retreat to one of my hidey holes where my kind Mummy had put some special treats.

It has been quiet since then but guess what? Friday is my Gotcha Day - two years and Mummy says each day is the best yet! I agree!!

Purrs ... Rainbow.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

(A little) Sun on Sunday; Monsoon Monday

Hello everyone, it's Rainbow here!

Thank you KC for mentioning me on the Cat Blogosphere; lots of wonderful kitties and woofies have come to visit - I shall be dropping in to see you all over the next few days. Meanwhile, I have been busy posting replies on my blog to all your comments but I am not sure whether you are able to pick them up!

Yes we actually had some sun yesterday! I found cosy spots by several windows and curled up for some long warm naps.

Mummy said that as it was St Swithun's Day and not wet we should get good weather from now onwards but today it is back to "normal" - rain, rain and still it comes pouring down.

Several of you have asked whether I am responsible for that flashing "picture-machine" needing to go to the camera V-E-T - well, things with long dangly straps are cat toys, aren't they ? ...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Caturday Review

Hello, Rainbow reporting ...

Here is my review of the last seven days.

On Sunday morning, there were a great many very excited humans outside our house waiting for the Olympic Torch to come by. Mummy was going out to join them but it poured with rain (an almost perpetual situation here in the UK this year - it makes me so glad to be an indoor cat), so we both went upstairs and watched from one of our third floor windows. She took some photos of the crowds and the procession, but none of me!!

After all that noise, I was very pleased that Monday and Tuesday were quiet days with plenty of hugs and cuddles and lots of purrs - I love you, Mummy.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were sorting out some documents so I "helped" by acting as a paperweight.

Friday, you already know about and today Mummy has been cooking which means treats for me.

Altogether, not a bad week - I hope to add some photos to this report when Mummy's camera comes back from the camera V-E-T, but that is another story ...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Frustrating Friday

Hello everyone, Rainbow here. First, a very big thank you to all of you who have visited and left comments - what a splendid welcome you have given me. I shall be popping over to see you soon.

Mummy is holding a Meeting here later on and she has been very busy getting ready. I knew something was up when she went shopping yesterday evening and now she is tidying, cleaning and rearranging my favourite room!

I have NOT been helping: after breakfast, I was sick, then I found some slices of roast turkey - delicious! Mummy was cool about the sick but said I was very naughty to have eaten the turkey.

Later ... The humans have gone and guess what I found in my food bowl - the rest of the turkey, so I think I have been forgiven!

I shall snuggle up with Mummy and give her some of my special purrs.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

My First Caturday

My name is Rainbow and this is me in the Hall, looking rather startled because I didn't manage to hide when some of Mummy's friends came to visit. I am quite shy and usually escape upstairs when there are too many humans about!

Generally, Mummy makes sure that I am cosily settled (with plenty of treats!) in one of my special places, but this time we were taken unawares.

I am not sure how old I am - I was found and rescued by the wonderful people from the RSPCA who took me to a clinic where my injuries were treated and I was lovingly nursed back to health. After several moves, I met Mummy and came to my "Forever Home" on 27th July 2010 - my Gotcha Day and Official Birthday.

The roads are very busy round here, especially in front of our house, so I am an entirely indoor cat. There are so many cosy hiding places that I love to tease Mummy by finding one which she hasn't discovered and making her search for me - we are never far apart when she is at home. Fortunately, she doesn't have to go out too often and she always hurries back to me - I am very lucky!