Tuesday, 17 July 2012

(A little) Sun on Sunday; Monsoon Monday

Hello everyone, it's Rainbow here!

Thank you KC for mentioning me on the Cat Blogosphere; lots of wonderful kitties and woofies have come to visit - I shall be dropping in to see you all over the next few days. Meanwhile, I have been busy posting replies on my blog to all your comments but I am not sure whether you are able to pick them up!

Yes we actually had some sun yesterday! I found cosy spots by several windows and curled up for some long warm naps.

Mummy said that as it was St Swithun's Day and not wet we should get good weather from now onwards but today it is back to "normal" - rain, rain and still it comes pouring down.

Several of you have asked whether I am responsible for that flashing "picture-machine" needing to go to the camera V-E-T - well, things with long dangly straps are cat toys, aren't they ? ...


  1. Hi Rainbow!

    You could have a bit of sun and we could take some wet weather, as we're in drought conditions.

    We don't know about other kitties, but we normally don't return to a blog to check for replies to comments we leave, the mom just doesn't have the time. It's hard enough to try and keep up with the 350+ blogs we follow/subscribe to. LOL.

  2. Rainbow, you can send your rain to the Midwest USA anytime!

    1. Hi Terri, thank you for visiting - Mummy would be delighted to send our weather over to you!! Purrs ... Rainbow

  3. Rainbow if you find someone to take your rain ask them if they'll take ours too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Hi Rainbow! We're so very glad to hear you are finally getting some lovely sunbeams. And how exciting to be able to see the Olympic torch from your very own window!