Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rather a Setback

Hello everyone, Rainbow reporting!

Yes, I have had a problem and I have to admit that, as Mummy has pointed out, it is partly my own fault that it has gone on for so long.

A few days after my last post, Mummy went out for a long leisurely lunch with some friends ... and returned to find me with my left flank covered in blood. She made two quick telephone calls and then I was placed gently into my PTU (I was very good and did not try to escape!) for a visit to the dreaded V-E-T.

It was not clear what the problem was so the V-E-T shaved a large patch. The skin was very inflamed where I had chewed until I drew blood but for no obvious reason so, after antibiotic and anti-inflammatory jabs, I returned home with a bald patch, some pills and one of those horrid stiff collars.

I was making steady progress and feeling much better - the bald area was still irritating but nothing that a good chew would not sort out ... Yes, you've guessed ... I decided to remove my collar ...I went to show Mummy how clever I had been, but for some reason she was NOT impressed! My other two attempts to "self-medicate" were rather more discreet but, of course, all this slowed down my recovery.

Finally, the wounds have healed; the V-E-T is pleased (so is Mummy!). Best of all, the patch is not so bald!!

 A few days ago, I received this card.

I think it was a gentle reminder that I have been neglecting my blog!

It is good to be back - I have missed you all, especially my very special friend, Harry.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

Purrs ... Rainbow.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hooray! Back at last!

Yes, it really is Rainbow here!

Sorry, it has been so long - once or twice, I wondered whether I would ever talk to all my furiends again - but now I have very good news to report ...

Mummy is better; she says that my nursing and all your special purrs have done the trick; both of us would like to say a big thank you for all the messages, purrs, hugs, etc.

This week, Mummy has been playing with the flashy picture-box; she says she is determined to show everyone some special photos of me but, so far,  I have not been very cooperative ... Well, would you like it if your very best hidey hole was invaded? She said I was looking so adorable that she could not resist!

Last Tuesday, a nice young man (so Mummy tells me - I kept out of sight) came to upgrade our internet service, so my paws are crossed for easier and more frequent blogging from now onwards.

Happy Caturday!

Purrs ... Rainbow