Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

A belated Happy Easter to you all.

I hope you have been having a good time with lots of fun and treats.

Purrs ... Rainbow

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rainbow on Caturday

A few moments ago Mummy called me:

"Come on Rainbow",

she said and moved towards the computer, so now I am sitting on her lap, snoopervising ...

Yes, my blog is going to be updated - she is keeping her promise!

It was very cold earlier this week so, apart from a short spell on Tuesday when I was able to keep my fur warm as I sat by a sunny window, I spent most of the time in "tortoise mode", curled into a tight ball on my cosiest blanket.

Yesterday, I had a delicious surprise.

On Thursday evening, Mummy went to a Chinese Banquet; guess what she brought home? Yes, a "kitty-bag" full of special treats - chicken strips, duck and prawns - what a series of feasts, I have had.

So, that is the week, chez Rainbow - not very eventful, but I did enjoy my treats, especially the duck - thank you , Mummy!

Happy Caturday to you all.

Purrs ... Rainbow.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Easy Sunday - Mother's Day

Hello everyone, Rainbow here ...

Today we have been having an easy Sunday and I have been snuggling up with Mummy and giving her lots of special purrs for Mother's Day.

So, what has been happening?

Mummy calls it winter hibernation and it is true that while it is really cold I like to keep warm and cosy by curling up into a tight little ball. I burrow into a comfy blanket in a dark corner - rather like a tortoise, Mummy says!

The truth is that Mummy has been very busy; I keep looking at the computer to see whether I can find out what is happening to my furiends and hoping to update my blog but my wistful stares have gone unnoticed!

I have not been neglected - there have been plenty of hugs and cuddles and lots of special treats - it's just that I haven't been able to talk to my furiends and I have been missing you all so much.

But now I have GOOD NEWS - Mummy has PROMISED to spend more time helping me with my blog.

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy, you are the best!

Purrs ... Rainbow.