Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wonderful Wednesday ... We are back ... at last!

Hello furiends! Rainbow here ... back at last!

Yes, our internet connection has finally been restored but it has taken so long that Mummy thinks she may have forgotten what to do!

Meanwhile, I have been sending her into our local Library to keep track of all your blogs; her time there is rationed so she has not been able to relay many of my comments but I have been purring very hard for all of you and my paws have been crossed for those with health problems.

A short post today just to announce my return - more news over the next few days, I hope.

Yes, Mummy, this hasn't been too difficult for you, has it?

Purrs ... Rainbow


  1. Never fun when the Internet is down. Hmmm... I wonder what cats did before there was an Internet. I'll ask my peep. She's pretty ancient. She might know. Oh, Peepers....


  2. We have been slow too lately but anted to wish you a warm welcome back!

    The Chans