Monday, 22 April 2013

Naughty Rainbow

I have been naughty. In fact, Mummy said that I was very, very naughty!

I was only trying to help. Really, I was.

Do you remember that horrid mouse - the one that sits by the computer?

Mummy was getting upset and so frustrated because it wasn't working properly; she was growling like a very angry woofie and using words which made my toesies curl! I had to cover my ears.

"Poor Mummy", I thought. "What can I do?"

I made a plan - After all, we kitties know how to treat a mouse, don't we ... ?

The next time Mummy left the room, I climbed onto the computer table and pounced. After giving the mouse a thorough chew, I tossed it onto the floor where it landed with rather a crash. Then I settled down, trying to look innocent and angelic!!

Mummy was not fooled - the noise made her rush back and she cried out, "Oh no! What shall I do now? Rainbow, you are so naughty!"

So, I have been in disgrace, but, a few moments ago, Mummy gave me a hug and a little cuddle so I hope she is beginning to realise that I meant well.

Purrs ... Rainbow


  1. As someone who disposed of two mousies in my youth, I have nothing but empathy for you, Rainbow!

    The Beebs

  2. Mum usually kills the mouses that sit on the desk - she knocks them on the floor which sometimes makes them die. We have to catch the ones with 4 legs - not that we do very often we'd sooner play with them cos it's more fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. my dear friend Rainbow,
    I am so sorry that my mom has been so remiss. She has barely been following our blog friends, even our specialest ones, because she is working to put out her website and help the UN-Cat kitties with theirs. I have missed much I fear, I hope you will forgive (her) me. I am always your special friend... Harry

    1. Dear Harry, it is good to hear from you - of course you are forgiven. Your Mom is doing such a wonderful job for UN-Cat and her own website will help kitties all over the world so we must be understanding!
      Thinking of you as always, my Harry,
      Special purrs ... Rainbow

  4. You were just showing that mousie who's boss, Rainbow.

  5. tell Mommy to use a computer where you don't need a mouse...problem solved :)

  6. Those computer mousies are like the real ones: vicious! You did well, Rainbow!

    Thank you so very much for your words of support for Milou. We really appreciate it!

    Lots of purrs

  7. It sounds to me like you were only trying to help!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Awwwww Rainbow, what a Bootiful name fur a Bootiful gurl ^.,^ we thinkz your mommeh will come to see you haz her bestest interest at heart ^.,^ You are a furry sweet gurl ♥

    We came by to Fank You fur stopping by with your comforting purrz on acounta Penelope'z leaving fur da Bridge so suddenly. You helped to make da dark dayz ahead a little more bearable ^..^

    Hugz from da mom~

    Soft Purrz from us ~
    Sunny, Gabriel, Larry, Lolly, Ana ♥♥xoxo♥♥

  9. You should NOT be in disgrace! After all, you were only trying to help her, right? Riiiiight. That's your story and you're sticking to it!

  10. Oh I think your Mommy needs to help you blog some more! But if she doesn't, what can you do? No thumbs! Honestly--it's like they KNOW they've got us over a barrel on this typing stuff. Sigh.

  11. Oh Rainbow you were just helping your Mommy! Only a couple of weeks ago I caught a real mouse for Mama and left it for her as a present when she woke up! Me-Ommm